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First we were in great dilemma about our function, lots of work to do and impossible to handle alone. Then we met Mr Vijay Chauhan, the way he talked at that time only we decided to hire him for our event. He was so confident about the whole programme and yes he proved himself right. The food was awesome, decoration was so satisfying, staff so cooperative and i can see tension free and happy faces of my parents, relatives and friends.
~ Disha Veragiwala (Lecturer at Banking Academy) I have always found them to be professional, creative, well organized, adaptable and¬†above all incredibly supportive, nothing is too much trouble. With their combined skills and industry knowledge I would not hesitate to employ their services again and would recommend their Event Management, Marketing, Mentoring and Coaching services.. priyanka patel (mba student) As the name itself suggest add spark to any of your event with the help of spark 99 ….. Simply one of the best event management company Abbas SutarwalaPBRM AXIS BANK DAHO

Nothing ever stays the same. Every event is different, and re-inventing the wheel is part of our fantastic journey as event organizers. “That’s how we always did it” is a sentence that you won’t hear from great event guys.

Often I have a specific role within a bigger picture, working as part of a team.  It is nice to work within a chain of command sometimes, rather then being in overall control.  It also gives me the opportunity to learn from others that are experts managing this type of event.

The best decision we ever made was hiring Spark99 Event Management to organize our event. Thank you Mr Vijay.
~ Jay Sharma