Food Service at SPARK99 CATERERS!

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WEDDINGS catering

We have one simple goal in wedding – your total immersion in the dream day you’ve imagined for so many years. Your guests will be pampered as they join you in the celebration of your love. For us a successful wedding is one where the bride and groom are caught up in the magic of the moment along with their guests with our best Food and services.

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Whether a small business or large corporation, we provide you with a professional culinary experience that is sure to be a hit. From corporate events, holiday parties, office luncheons, cocktail parties, social events, social parties, we cover all. We offer a HUGE selection of tasty menus that will make the event special.

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Social Event Catering

From birthday and retirement parties to big backyard BBQs, social events cover a wide range of events (and food). Appetizers, bartenders, and balloons are just some of what you might see catered at events like these.

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Special Catering

Seasonal, sporting major public events all fall into this category. Where you will find lots of people, you will always find catered food.